Calendula and Phytoplenolin - A true skin saviour

Remeie Calendula Phytoplenolin Skin Benefits

Known for its soothing effect on skin, the magic in Calendula and Phytoplenolin has been used as far back as ancient times. With Remeie Rescue Cream, we combine these two super ingredients to give your skin maximum benefits.


  • Known as marigold and has been used traditionally in Eastern medicine as a soothing, anti-inflammatory healing herb.

  • It was believed to be used by Cleopatra in her beauty regime



  • An extract from the Australian native plant known as Centipeda Cunninghamii commonly found along the Murray River.

  • Also known as Old Man Weed, Gukwonderuk, Phytoplenolin or Plantolin.

  • For centuries, Indigenous Australians used this plant to aid various skin complaints and believed it to have healing and restorative properties.  

The superpowers of Calendula & Phytoplenolin

Intensely soothing 

Very gentle on the skin and helps reduce the appearance of redness.


Replenishes the skin's moisture level to keep it smooth, supple and radiant.



High in antioxidants which helps neutralise free radicals that may cause skin damage.

Remeie Rescue Cream

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